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Minimum stay

Minimum stayWhen planning your trip choose a minimum stay of 2 or three days or spend a night from Saturday to Sunday at the destination. For some destinations minimum stay can be 5-7 days, so play a little bit with departure and arrival days to get the lowest price.

Maximum stay

Maximum stayMaximum stay is essential too, if this is not a city break. Maximum validity of any airline ticket is one year, but the fares usually have less validity. For long haul flights this is usually 1 month. For short haul flights it differs a lot depending on routs and airlines.


CombinationsTry to compose your itinerary so that all flights are operated by the same airline or choose its code share flights. If you still want to include other airlines in some complex itineraries, choose a pair of return flights operated by that airline instead of one-way flights.

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bullet Basic tips on how to save money while you book your airline ticket and make your travel smarter and easier. In this article I want to share my experience of working for KLM airline as a ticketing agent for a couple of years. These tips mostly apply to cheap return ticket fares.

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